Zulfi Bukhari renunciates British Nationality

Zulfi Bukhari Renunciation British Nationality
Zulfi Bukhari Renunciation British Nationality

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Leader Zulfi Bukhari while talking to the media announced that he had relinquished British nationality.

Earlier, Zulfi Bukhari was a dual national holding both Pakistani and British citizenship. However, he renounced publicly that he now solely owns Pakistani citizenship. In the press conference, he showed the letter issued to him by the British Home office.

The letter confirms that Zulfi Bukhari is no longer a British citizen from August 18th, 2022. He is an ally of PTI chairman Imran Khan. He said he was going to work on development with Imran Khan.

“I have not done it for myself, I have taken this step to encourage overseas Pakistanis,” said Zulfi Bukhari.

He will be participating in the upcoming general election of Pakistan on the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) ticket.

“It is the most uncertain time in Pakistan that I got an opportunity by grace of good to serve Pakistan,” he said

The withdrawal document approved by British Home Office is getting viral on Social Media.

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